Stainless Steel Indirect Fired Storage Tank Systems

(Slant Fin & Super Stor)

Type: Indirect-fired storage
Capacity: 30 to 80 gallons
  • Long life stainless steel tank
  • Built-in cupronickel heat exchanger coil
  • Extremely low standby loss
  • Rapid recovery rate
  • Compatible with most boilers

A Slant/Fin Model WH indirect-fired storage water heater connects to a boiler just like a heating zone. Equipped with its own heat exchanger coil, it offers better efficiency, faster recovery and longer life than a direct-fired gas or oil water heater.

This Slant/Fin water heater is the most efficient in the industry, with a standby temperature loss of less than 1/2 per hour. Hot water in the stainless steel storage tank stays hot longer because there's no flue heat loss plus the tank is protected by a two inch blanket of thermal foam insulation. The extremely fast recovery means more gallons of hot water per hour for kitchen, bath and laundry. A high grade 90/10 cupronickel heat exchanger coil restores full water temperature two to five times faster than direct-fired units. The coil resists mineral build-up and its large diameter keeps pressure drop low.

The stainless steel storage tank resists rust and corrosion. Connections are specially reinforced to buffer the tank from stress when fittings are tightened. Heaters in residential use are covered by a lifetime limited warranty. Click here to see a photo of an installation.

Model No. Storage Capacity (gal) First Hour Ratings (gph) @ 140 First Hour Ratings (gph) @ 115
WH-30 30 156 215
WH-40 40 195 288
WH-60 60 254 348
WH-80 80 300 400
Double wall coil models
WH-40D 40 110 152
WH-60D 60 126 174
WH-80D 80 160 221

How It Works

Super Stor simply circulates heated boiler water through a cupronickel heat exchanger heating the surrounding domestic hot water. The heat exchanger is located near the bottom of the tank just above the cold water inlet to provide fast and efficient heat recovery. The Super Stor is so efficient that it has a first hour rating (the amount of hot water produced in an hour's time) of 140 gal. for the 30 gal. model, which is greater than most 80 gal. to 100 gal. water heaters.

Easy Installation And Cleaning
The Super Stor is ideal for replacement of existing water heaters or for new construction. A vent or stack is not required. The tank's light weight makes it very easy to maneuver in tight corners. Each tank is equipped with an adjustable Well Type Control which is highly accurate in measuring the temperature of the water to activate the heating appliance in diverting heated water when needed. Plastic jacketing provides maintenance free operation from scratches and rust. Super Stor cupronickel heat exchanger is highly resistant to any scaling deposits and is positioned so that entering water provides scrubbing action, eliminating the need for chemical cleanings.


  • Attractive quality silver finish
  • Constructed of 316L stainless steel
  • New extra large high-output cupronickel heat exchanger
  • Environmentally safe, CFC-free water-blown foam insulation
  • Lifetime warranty protection plan
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Immersion type control
  • Installation versatility
  • Full line of 7 different sizes and models
  • Very efficient
  • New outlet extractor tube

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