The Eichler Home is a contemporary styled home featuring open living areas, flat or slightly pitched roofs, and extensive glass areas. Built on a concrete slab, these homes introduced the use of hydronic radiant panel heat for the heating system. They were built using the "community" concept from 1950 - 1965 in Northern California, between San Rafael and San Jose.

There are approximately 11,000 homes in these areas. In recent years, many Eichler homes with older radiant panel heating systems have been developing leaks or other service issues. We offer these homeowners "peace of mind" by providing solutions to these problems in a professional, courteous, and knowledgeable way. Please review the following links for information on these heating systems including how to monitor their proper operation and how the repairs are performed.
  • Operational guide for your boiler and radiant panel heating system -- A useful checklist to assist the homeowner in monitoring safe and efficient operation of their radiant heating system.

  • Services Provided -- Check out our New Custom Boiler Installations, Hydronic Baseboard Retrofits, Leak Detection and Repairs. We also offer Official Pressure Tests and Inspections, Maintenance, Domestic Water Retrofits and Domestic Water Leak Repairs.

  • Equipment -- Boilers, Pumps, Controls and Domestic Water Heat Exchanger Tanks.

  • Concealed Radiant Panel Leaks -- Understand how and why they have sometimes occurred in old construction and how today they are easily located and repaired.

  • Be an Educated Homeowner -- Explore common field experiences regarding insurance companies, claims and investigative agencies.

  • Pressure Testing -- Information about proper pressure testing of hydronic boilers and concealed radiant panels -- The way "The Code" states it should be.

  • Note on Maintenance and Regular Inspections -- Your radiant heating system seems to be running fine. Or is it?

  • Frequently Asked Questions -- Explore commonly asked questions regarding radiant heat and answers from industry professionals.

  • Maintenance Checklist -- Print out this easy-to-follow checklist, post it in your boiler room and receive a great discount on your next service!

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